Sunday, April 18, 2010

Of Visas, Prison Time and Dancehall

"The system a disrespect deh Killa"
"How dah girl deh can do this to deh Killa?"
"How yuh fi a tek weh big man Visa?"

its all the rage in dancehall. The visa revocation and the famed dancehall artist. Actually, whatever wrongs or ills reaches the dancehall artist always seems to be the rage. But, I keep wondering what makes them so special.

Why when a dancehall artist is forced to fake his wrongs the system a fight him out and why the revocation of them visa is a gross injustice?

I feel like there are some simple points that need to made here. A lot of people go to US Embassies and get revoked. Even more wait years to be given the infamous green card. But guess what a VISA to visit another country is a PRIVILEGE not a RIGHT. Beenie Man is not entitled to enter the United States though he seems to think so. No one is entitled to enter any country except for maybe Jamaica cause all we require is your breathing to get in.

Flippa Mafia clearly thought that the right to enter the US was his. No nigga, mi woulda love see you try floss now.

Bounty Killa is now out on bail on another case. Just further proof that the system is fucked. I think Kadeem Baker should be charged with public mischief and whatever else she could have been charged with. they left the Killa in prison for a while to cool off but you know my bigger issue is not his beating this girl cause clearly she like it.

Releasing Bounty Killa on bail validates him once again. Because he has committed other alleged crimes while out on bail, he has no respect for the system and obviously the system has no respect for itself. So, he attacks another officer, runs another 7 red lights, beats another woman, among other charges and ends up before the court again; he will probably laugh.

I probably would; mek the most sense to me.

Meanwhile Ninja Man sits in prison for a year waiting on a court date. Actually, many men are sitting in lock-ups at police stations for years waiting for their cases to be called but fighting for their rights is insignificant.
Why would they be important? They aren't dancehall artists or musicians.

And isn't that the bigger problem, the real issue. The reason why some dancehall artist will never be heard on The Entertainment Office on Nationwide 90FM. The worship factor.

We are the first to condemn Americans, Europeans even Canadians for artist worship. Oh look at them trying to be Lady Gaga but we do the same thing. You think because we don't have a room in our house dedicated to Sizzla it makes us any less fanatical.

Have you seen the mantourage? Have you witnessed the demeaning things they will do in hopes that the artist will let off a money? They way we allow artist to act like assholes and no one tells them to have respect. Actually, if an artists disrespects you; one is likely to be told "easy and just respect deh artist".

Well, as a media practitioner many an artist has hung up the phone in my ears and i am forced to call that artist again and it disgusts me because if I don't it means i am not committed to my job. IT comes with the territory.

That artists ego was built by YOU the Jamaican public. Who treats the artist better than self. The last artist who hung up the phone in my ears and then called me for something got an earful from me.

So let's realise that the mes and yous have meaning and value and stop treating these artists like members of the trinity.

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