Saturday, February 20, 2010

God and The Broadcast Message Suicides

The blackberry like any other technological device likes to keep fresh and stay pon top a tings. While being at my fingertips the blackberry with its smart phone technology comes with what could be considered cellphones greatest tool...Blackberry Messenger.

RIM said we need to do more and added new chats, fancy colours, new emoticons, pictures and the broadcast message.

At first glance the broadcast message is an amazing and brilliant idea but anything invented for good becomes a menace when placed in the hands of evil. And you evil people damn well know unnu selves.

I am not someone who checks forwards- I dont care about that dick joke, or cock joke or pums joke and I dont need to see the midget with his head up the baby canal. I also dont need the written version of that tale at my fingertips on my BLACKBERRY.

Other than annoying- unless you advertising an event and promotion is important. The broadcast message is impersonal and what is your gold is my trash. So no I dont want to go through my BBM List to see who i would want to be friends with, kiss, hug or do the dirty diana with. Call me crazy for having a life.

But you know my favourite BM- the ones from God. You know what I dont get about the oh so omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent being that is God. he always seem to be the last one to tap into the technological scene. God always starts to send out forwards, messages, put up build boards and now the broadcast message long after everyone else. Is he testing the waters or what?

If all I needed to do to confirm my love to God was wake up and say I love you God and make sure to send a message telling others to do the same,my life would be much simpler. Wait, I forgot something. The message must include a death threat.

Wid the way God a gwaan, who needs Church! Why set aside time for worship? If God can BB me; mi must can link him back. Oh wait. I Cant...BECAUSE ITS NOT GOD!

Its not even a radical Christian, its someone who is too lazy or too hungover on a saturday or sunday morning to take time out for God and feel like if them send message with death threat it mek God smile (not that I can speak for the guy)

stop sending me bullshit.stop sending me bullshit @4 in the morning when i jump up convinced something wrong with smaddy.

I recommend a mass suicide of the broadcast message before I kill it but then again Broadcast Messages probably have their own Jesus currently in his second trimester in a Blackberry Storm 2.

Yuh know what I think I better get a Nokia 3310 before I commit suicide.


  1. dat me seh to yaa lambstat ... especially for those presently without blackberry i get enough email god threats to last me forever.. lol

  2. iPhone iPhone iPhone!!! :))))))

  3. hahaha priceless... i say the same thing about 'god threats'