Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine and his Disgruntled Army

So tomorrow is February 14th....for some this is a milestone...a test for boyfriends everywhere (those all male couples are in for double trouble). For others its a day, just an ordinary day. If you haven't lost faith in the supreme being then you're going to Church. But then there are the few. The angry ones who hold Valentine's Day like a double-edge sword spitting vitriol at every turn. Out to avenge the single and miserable.

And since you have probably asked the question I am neither- lover nor hater of Valentine's Day. I am already burdened by the celebration of birthdays, Christmas, important achievements, the proverbial let's feel good party, births, marriages, anniversaries and everything else to come tek on another celebration. Call it a cost saving measure and call me cheap. I don't give a flying fack!

To the lovers- might I suggest being romantic all year round. Some of you people put so much pressure on the day because is the one time a year unnu hold hand outta road and pucker up to the sweet sounds of traffic rolling by.

To the disgruntled- Get over it! stop wish demise pon deh people dem love cause yuh nuh have none. Cause when yuh find it a same way yuh a gwaan like sey love never exist before yours find.

To the Women- a recommendation. If he never gets your birthday present right, forgets every anniversary from the first kiss to the first date. He probably wont get the Valentine's Day gift right either. Its simple math.

To the Men- Nuh mek shi pressure you. She will get over it unless of course you is a 'trifling fool' all the time. In which case, take advice from her friend. Before Valentine's Day become another bad memory

But let's not forget the positives here.

Valentine's day falling on a Sunday offers many opportunities.

You dont need to stay in the office and be the one person who never get flowers or be unhappy about your gift but have to fake it cause you in public.

If you're sleeping with the boss, no coy Valentine's necessary. It's Sunday.

If you get nothing you can go to work on Monday and say you got everything.

You can keep your bitter to yourself and your bitter friends.

And if anybody ask you why you never do nothing for Valentine's Day you can tell them "Sunday is my rest should have fallen on Saturday".
at this point some Seventh Day Adventist a bitter me. *sticks out tongue*

As for valentine and his Disgruntled Army...dem a friend like how PJ and Seaga a friend!


  1. LOL i like this. BTW its REALLY good that it falls on a sunday, cus as u said, u dont have to sit down and feel like jealousy pang when the bitch next to you got roses and a box of chocolate....*sigh*..

    I need a boyfriend.

  2. A member of the disgruntled alright...who knows if the chocolate taste good or if the flowers dem fresh

  3. Haahahah Happy Valentines Day *snickering* *place flowers by the door*