Friday, February 25, 2011

Sex on Friday is the GREATEST!!! (For the 9 to 5 Woman)

Sex on the Friday is the greatest... think about it... No? Okay. I'll do it for you.

Sex on MONDAY is about getting the damn thing done. Its about trying to reverse the clock. Its like Dorothy...that writhing sexual motion just before the orgasm you're saying "there's no place like the weekend, there's no place like the weekend" and then you're done and you just waan cuss badwud.

Sex on TUESDAY is about facing the reality that you are really JUST one day closer to Friday. Its such a painful reality that you skip the foreplay.

Sex on WEDNESDAY is just angry sex. Its the sex you use to remind yourself that Friday is really coming and I should not quit tomorrow. More importantly that orgasm better not hold out pon yuh a rass. N.B (to orgasm) Its not about you; its about getting in a state of mind that I don't risk being fired at work tomorrow. So let's do the damn thing.

Sex on THURSDAY is like the day before August 1, 1834. You can taste the freedom but you still have to hear the official announcement before you know you are actually free. Thus on a Thursday you hold back cause you don't want it to steal the Friday orgasm

Sex on FRIDAY is everything. You take all the reasons why sex on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday fell short and throw it into Friday. Buddy a guh bruk pon Friday! And no you don't want foreplay on Friday yuh want the shit Vybz Kartel sings about. You want CENSORED sex! Jenna Jamieson nuh have a ting pon yuh! Because...

Sex on SATURDAY is for foreplay. Wi nuh have nuttin fi do a morning and we can late for Church God will understand.

Sex on Sunday is painful. Its so painful one would rather not have it because its just a reminder that you're preparing for the week ahead. But you're going to have it Don't fret! Yuh know why? Because without Monday evening yuh heading home jobless cause smaddy would a dead and is not you.

Thus SEX on Friday is the GREATEST!!!

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