Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ping Responsibly(N.B to blackberry buffoons)

I'm not even mincing words...

(1) if you haven't seen me naked DON'T ping me before 8am
(2) if you have not contributed to my financial well being DON'T ping me before 8am.
(3) if I didn't take the time out of my life to give you a nickname DON'T ping me before 8am.
(4) if without a blackberry we would otherwise not communicate DON'T ping me before 8am.
(5) if you are a blood relative and the family is NOT under siege DON'T ping me before 8am
(6) if I have never had the audacity to ping YOU before 8am DON'T fool yourself and think you can do it to me.

Really the point I am trying to make is I don't care if you are up at 6am to beat the traffic to work turn on the radio..the hire people to cope with those things. they get paid to be your company at 8am.

And don't send me a broadcast message before 8am. i WILL delete you and then your feelings will be hurt and we don't need all that emotion.

Use the bb wisely, its not less annoying than the phone ringing yuh nuh. Its more annoying because in real emergencies people CALL. so when you hear that ping you know is fuckery. And you are forced to ask yourself "why is this person on my bb?" and then you look even closer at the name and the message and go "what false sense of comfort has this person lulled into why they think they can get away with a 6am ping?"

Oh and if I reach the point of deleting you it probably means I will reach the point of ignoring all future requests as well. the DELETE will be final.
And if you read this blog and go but wait I pinged her before 8am...yes YOU gave birth to this blog.

Actually I'm thinking to start the petition for the blackberry license but that's a whole other blog. til then
Ping responsibly

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  1. here here
    and amen
    amazing thing is
    i wrote a blog post about this same thing
    before even reading this post
    ...then again
    we have many BB contacts in common
    *side eye*