Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The misconception that is mind-blowing sex

Mind blowing sex...does not a relationship make. Its a painful reality but its true. We wish it did but it doesn't. Sometimes in life we find ourselves at the end of the first encounter in the darkest crevices of he or she whose last name we haven't imprinted in our memory banks yet.

We thrash about... we sweat... we do it. And of course amidst the post sex panting you have decided you just had the best sex ever.

Harsh reality- sex is not hard to have because of this good sex easily becomes muddled with love and emotion. I've been in the relationship where if not for the sex we might as well have been strangers. Which brings me to another harsh reality...

There are people in this world who will find your G-spot...your special zone or mark or place that makes fireworks go off and mi nuh mean Katy Perry Fireworks mi mean "neighbours know yuh name' and how fi spell it fireworks. Why? Sex is a technical act...some master the technique and most g-spots and pleasure zones are in the same general vicinity...buck ups is a ten.

If the primary reason you find yourself in that person's presence a second time is for the sex..chances are it won't end well...more importantly it is not a relationship.

If you're confusing mind-blowing sex with means you may have a conflicting definition of love.

Here is when I think mind-blowing sex should be muddled with love...

Its the kind of sex you have where in the middle of it and you happen to be listening to a CD..the other person stops and "pull up" di song and you don't skip a beat. It doesn't phase you or stop you or offend you. It makes you want more.

Its the kind of sex when you're scared to mess up and without saying it...they realise and even if you do say it...they don't care.

Its the sex you're willing to turn down sex for. And if you don't turn down that secondary sex. its the dissatisfaction you feel when it wasn't what you expected.

Its the bad sex with the right person because you know that neither of you are actually bad at sex you're just having an off day and that's okay. Having that thought about sex is mind-blowing.

Doing things to please your partner that you spoke ill of in public will blow your mind.

If you're not having these experiences or an experience that can be equated to any of these you are not having mind blowing sex...what you are doing is called a fun way to burn lots of calories...which isn't a bad thing but please don't call it love it makes you look stupid

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