Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Howling at the moon...but I'm a vampire

I'm not the most sound sleeper on the planet and at the moment I have no curtains.
Anyways I sleep in spurts of roughly half an hour each so I am always slightly awake.
Last night I had one of my rollover awake moments and opened my eyes to witness the boldest moon I have seen in years.
It wasn't full- but it was almost full and round and bright and the blue of the sky around it. This moon was special.
So special I felt the urge to howl. And I am not joking like my mouth started to form the howl lips that you see in the movies. I got up and walked to the window to get a closer and better look at the moon.
Teneile what are you doing?
And as I took the suddenly very slow walk back to my bed frequently looking back at the moon the howl was rising up inside me.
In trying to go back to sleep but I feel the moon call me
I had to form a cocoon and clear my brain to forget about the moon and hold back the howl.
Does this mean werewolves are real and I'm not really a vampire because it would really suck to know I'm living a lie.

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