Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Paddy's Day a weh yuh really feel like

Hey you St. Patrick
No not there...stop looking at the white man with the fake irish accent...over hear at the black girl speaking Jamaican.
A weh yuh really feel like? A weh yuh a try?
So its my first St. Paddy's Day in a foreign land and being that I am in the multi-cultural capital of the world one would expect this to be an even more magical experience.They say the Irish and Jamaicans make the best of friends because we both drink like fishes but I declare that no Irish man in a pub with Rover or Mc something in the name will destroy St. Paddy's day like the people I love.
Bars, Pubs, Supermarkets, Gas Stations and Shops(real Jamaican shop) are stocking up triple fold not because of this auspicious occasion but because of fren dem..owners are telling bartenders to put fi dem ting aside them a count di beer bokkle dem, the white rum bokkle dem, di appleton bokkle dem cause dem a come and not a drop will be spared.
Mr St. Patrick I would like to thank you for being the excuse on this occasion to get drunk and take no prisoners. You're a good man. a god really.
But one of us is like a 1000 drinkers so some ppl mighta vex wid yuh
but we love
go forth and conquer my friends. I will do my part from here

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